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Sketch Town Christmas.

Sketch Town Christmas.

teamLab Sketch Aquarium, 2013. interactive digital installation.

teamLab Sketch Aquarium, 2013. interactive digital installation.

teamLab Crystal Universe, 2015. interactive installation of light sculpture.

teamLab Crystal Universe, 2015. interactive installation of light sculpture.

teamLab Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together - A Whole , 2015. interactive digital installation.

teamLab Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together - A Whole , 2015. interactive digital installation.

About teamLab


Press Release

  • teamLab: Living Digital Space and Future Parks

    Pace Art + Technology and teamLab present Living Digital Space and Future Parks: an immersive and large-scale, site-specific installation and digital playground for all ages.

    [Menlo Park, CA] – teamLab, the renowned Japanese art collective, recognized for challenging and expanding the digital art making practice, and Pace Art + Technology will present Living Digital Space and Future Parks. The large-scale installation will invite participants of all ages to immerse themselves in the multi-room environments spanning 20,000ft² and showcasing 20 digital works. Several of the works on show—including Light Sculpture of Flames and Black Waves in Infinity—will enjoy their international debut while other works—including Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together – A Whole Year per Hour and Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders—will be shown in North America for the first time.

    Participants will be encouraged to partake in this digital playground for all ages, to witness the visually morphing beauty of the 20 immersive works, to explore the associated pioneering and intellectual concepts of these technologists at work, as well as the mesmerizing innovative capabilities at play. These deeply interactive works are a powerful testament to the advancement of and growing interest in digital art as well as its unique ability to nurture creativity and curiosity through technology.

    According to Marc Glimcher, “The teamLab exhibition is a momentous one for Pace’s newly formed Art + Technology program: the content and ambitious scale of the show, and teamLab’s practice is emblematic of Pace’s longstanding commitment to experimentation and the growing nexus between art and technology. We are thrilled to showcase the collective’s expansive body of work as the program’s opener and spark a deeper conversation across all age groups.”

    Toshiyuki Inoko from teamLab says, “We are honored to share some of our most recently created artworks and hope the universality of their themes—creativity, play, exploration, immersion, life, and fluidity—will seep into the broader conscience. We are particularly excited to debut several of these works in Silicon Valley, one of the indisputable heartlands for innovation, bold thinking and risk-taking.”

    Ticketing details and visiting hours:

    For all teamLab/Pace Menlo Park media inquiries, list of works and image requests:

    Florie Hutchinson | | 415-515-4696

    For any general Pace Gallery inquiries:

    Jennifer Joy at SUTTON | | 212-202-3402

    About teamLab: (f. 2001, Tokyo, by Toshiyuki Inoko) is an interdisciplinary group of ultra-technologists whose collaborative practice seeks to navigate the confluence of art, technology, design and the natural world. Rooted in the tradition of ancient Japanese Art and contemporary forms of anime, teamLab operates from a distinctly Japanese sense of spatial recognition, investigating human behavior in the information era and proposing innovative models for societal development. teamLab’s works are in the permanent collection of Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul; The Asian Art Museum, San Francisco; The Asia Society Museum, New York; Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide; and Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney. They have been the subject of numerous exhibitions worldwide; in 2015, a projection work was exhibited on the façade of the Grand Palais, Paris.

    About Pace: Pace is a leading contemporary art gallery representing many of the most significant international artists and estates of the 20th and 21st centuries. Founded by Arne Glimcher in Boston in 1960 and led by Marc Glimcher, Pace has been a constant, vital force in the art world and has introduced many renowned artists’ work to the public for the first time. Over the past five decades, the gallery has mounted more than 800 exhibitions, including scholarly shows that have subsequently traveled to museums, and has published over 400 exhibition catalogues. Today, Pace has 10 locations worldwide: four galleries in New York, two in London, a 25,000 square-foot gallery in Beijing, and exhibition spaces in Hong Kong, Paris and Menlo Park, California.

    Pace Art + Technology: Established in 2015 by Pace President Marc Glimcher, Pace Art + Technology is the gallery’s new program dedicated to showcasing interdisciplinary art groups, collectives and studios whose works explore the confluence of art and technology. The initiative is the expansion of Pace’s longstanding commitment to artistic approaches that highlight and emphasize technological and digital methods. Pace Art + Technology will launch in 2016 with exhibitions at Pace Menlo Park in California.


The gallery will be closed for Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. New York Prabhavathi Meppayil (537 West 24th Street) will close early today, November 23 at 2pm and Rothko: Dark Palette (510 West 25th Street) will close at 4pm. The galleries will reopen on Friday, November 24 for normal gallery weekend hours.  Menlo Park  The gallery will close early today, November 23 at 3pm and reopen on Tuesday, November 29.  Palo Alto  The gallery will close early today, November 23

佩斯艺术及科技项目由佩斯总裁马克·格里姆彻(Marc Glimcher)创立,作为与跨学科探索艺术及科技影响的艺术小组丶团体及工作室合作的画廊新项目。此项目是佩斯长期以来致力发展强调使用数码及科技方法的艺术表现手法的拓展计划。 马克·格利姆彻解释:“自上世纪60年代开始,佩斯就一直对艺术与科技领域非常感兴趣。从早期与詹姆士·特瑞尔(James Turrell)及罗伯特·惠特曼(Robert Whitman)的合作到最近与teamLab的项目,我们一直寻求支持艺术家实验的方法。在门罗公园(Menlo Park)建立基础之後,我们发现那里将会是一个理想的场地,来观察新兴艺术与团体的新表现手法并向公众最好地展示作品。” 佩斯艺术及科技将於2016年年初正式推出,首次展览包括刚加入佩斯的teamLab和Random International。明年二月,日本艺术小组teamLab将於佩斯2014年开设的流动空间-门罗公园为此新项目展出场域回应的作品。而明年秋天,艺术团体Ramdom International将为佩斯创造一个沉浸式的环境。更多新项目将於2016年公布。  te


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Sketch Aquarium

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Crystal Universe

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Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together – Dark / Moving Light, Roving Sight

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Black Waves