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Xie Molin

About Xie Molin

Xie Molin (China, 1979) gradually developed his interest in machine painting and building such machines in college and graduate school. His machine-generated abstract paintings have gained considerable critical and popular attention. By employing his tri-axial linkage painting machine, Xie’s careful and artisanal maneuvering aims at further exploring the potential expressivity of paint on canvas. Xie celebrates the painting machine as an extension of his painterly hands, which originates from his desire for the precision of formal expression rather than a conceptual embrace. In Xie’s art, machine is not only a replacement of the traditional tools an artist uses in his or her work, but also a gesture imbued with cultural imagination over the new technique in today's China.

Press Release

  • Xie Molin

    19 September–25 October 2014

    15C Entertainment Building, 30 Queens Road Central

    Pace Hong Kong is pleased to announce the opening of young Chinese artist, Xie Molin who will hold his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong on 19 September. The artist uses computers and machines as a precise production process to contemplate the possibilities of painting. He combines this with labor operation to control the procedure, a painting method the artist chose because of the current technological age. Xie is meticulous in his creation methods that he tries to reach the status of self-rescue spiritually.

    This exhibition showcases twelve pieces from Xie’s series entitled “Overlay”, which illustrates a new way to interpret the artist’s unique technique and abstract themes. Distancing himself from traditional artistic methods, Xie uses machines to create symmetrical forms, and an assembly process of workmen, meticulous procedure and manual operation. His paintings have a strong sense of order and purity of form. The viewer discovers spiritual traces of external visual perception and internal humanism. Through Xie’s practice of perfectly controlling every aspect of the painting in reality, it is also a process of self-protection by locking himself in a tower. This is the way to escape reality and self-anesthesia, and a method of evading self-purification.

    Xie employs a “triaxial linkage painting machine” he invented through experimentation of this medium. He eventually found a translucent space by mixing large amount of acrylic medium into his acrylic paint after the drying shrinkage. It shows as gelatin-like, captivating and translucent coloration on the canvas. The overlapping of two pigment layers form a granulated structure that reflects external light, while the translucent covers between gradated colors form an internal halation. With precise expression of form, the artist attains a certain feeling of stability through color, shadow, space and structures. This exhibition will be held until 25th October 2014.

    Xie Molin was born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang in 1979. He graduated from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts (BFA) and Edinburgh College of Art(MFA). He currently lives and works in Beijing. Xie’s art has been exhibited in “28 Chinese,” the Rubell Family Collection show (Miami, 2013); “On | Off: China’s Young Artists in Concept and Practice” at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (Beijing, 2013);“CAFAM/Future” at the Art Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing, 2012); “Leaving Realism Behind” at Pace Beijing (2011); and others. Ongoing shows include “Chinese Art-the De Heus-Zomer Collection” at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen (Rotterdam, Netherland, 2014) and “Pull Left” at Urban Arts Space, Ohio State University and Hillstrom Museum, Gustavus Adolphus College (U.S., 2014).