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About 李松松

李松松于1973 年生于中国北京,1992 年从中央美术学院附中毕业后,随即进入中央美术学院学习油画专业,并于1996 年获得学士学位。作为中国当代绘画的领军人物之一,李松松一直以来都是国内外展览及艺术评论的焦点。他的作品多以老照片为基础,暗示、表现或重述重大政治或历史事件;并以强烈的笔触和色块树立起鲜明且极富浮雕感的绘画风格。最终的作品往往会保留一部分图像原本的痕迹,但在作品与图像之间始终保持着一定的距离。李松松曾在国内外多次举办个展,并受邀参加世界范围内的多项大型展事。李松松于2011年获得马爹利非凡艺术人物大奖。艺术家目前工作和生活于北京。
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Press Release

  • Li Songsong: We Have Betrayed the Revolution

    6 Burlington Gardens – ground floor gallery

    19 September – 9 November 2013

    Opening: Wednesday 18 September 2013, 6.30 – 8.30 pm

    Pace London is delighted to present an exhibition of new paintings by the Chinese artist Li Songsong from 19 September to 9 November 2013, at 6 Burlington Gardens. This is the first solo-exhibition by the artist in London.

    The show provides a comprehensive view of Li Songsong’s art and focuses on the essence of the artist’s technique and painting process. The works on view embody the rapid social-cultural transformation and the ever-changing reality of Chinese society.

    These works portray historical figures and events that play part in the Chinese collective consciousness and while at times political in content, the emphasis is not on political issues. The political connotation in Li Songsong’s art resists any superficial interpretation awaiting the subjective viewpoint of its audience, hiding deeply beneath the dense surface of the painting. Politics has become China's everyday experience and common environment and LiSongsong's art can be seen as areflection ofthis specific reality.

    Beginning with a found image sourced from the media such as newspapers, magazines, or the internet, Li Songsong reconstructs it square by square building layers of paint. This thick application of paint pushes the work to abstraction, and alters the significance of the image the artist has appropriated at this stage. This technique can be viewed as a reflection of the artist’s attitude towards realism. By working on specific units of the canvas rather than on the whole composition, the artist keeps a distance from the visible story rather focusing on specific details that make the image. The intention of these works is not to provide an easy explanation through narration, but to represent the essence, ambiguities, and changes to historical memory as time continues.

    “Everyone knows the story. The important thing is the way that you tell it. The way depends on your attitude, and attitude changes with time. As society changes, attitude changes accordingly.” Li Songsong, July 2013.

    Highlights of the exhibition includeIt's a Pity You Aren't Interested in Anything Else, a painting that revives one of Calvin Klein’s advertising images, one prevalent in China. The popularity of western fashion labels in China testifies to the penetration of ideologies and visions of the world that were once controversial.

    A catalogue featuring two essays by the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, and the art critic and essayist Demetrio Paparoni will accompany the exhibition.

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评论家Stephen Knudsen在近期为Huffington Post 提供的一份年度十大展览榜单中力荐了李松松的佩斯伦敦个展,称这次展览重申了李松松在中国当代艺坛的重要地位。他的新作从形式到内容都体现出丰富的多义性,在颜料的物质性同细节/色调的微妙融合之间形成有趣的对比,通过精湛的技艺为挪用的图像重新注入意义。同时排入榜单中的展览还有知名空间光影艺术家James Turell于纽约古根海姆美术馆的三大巡展之一(Guggenheim Museum)。 2013年9月在佩斯伦敦举办的李松松个展,重申了艺术家在当代中国的重要地位。他的这批最新创作尺幅巨大,通过标志性的厚重颜料和分割色域,为挪用的图像重新注入意义。这些作品体现了艺术家的社会良知,唤起观众对中国的政治话题的集体记忆。 作品从形式到内容都体现出令人赞叹的丰富的多义性。材质的鲜明物理特性同细节色调的完美和谐形成对比, 使观众可以在画面的整体与细节之间自如转换自己的想象。李松松在展览之际的访谈中曾告诉我,他画面的颜料厚度可以达到2英寸或更厚, 对他来说“正是作品的质料性吸引着我不断创作,最重要的一点是,在图像道出自身的‘

Li Songsong explains the ideas and inspirations behind his exhibition We Have Betrayed the Revolution, on view  at Pace London, 6 Burlington Gardens until 9th November. Click here to watch the video.



Demetrio Paparoni, Ai Weiwei, and Li Songsong

2013. Pace London. Hardcover

51 pages: color illustrations



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