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基斯 泰森

Geno Pheno

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About 基斯 泰森

基斯·泰森(生于1969年,英格兰坎布里亚郡阿尔弗斯顿)在15岁离开高中后成为了一名见习工程师制作核潜艇。他决定追求艺术,退出了船厂,考上了英国卡莱尔学院,并于1990年毕业。1993年毕业于布莱顿大学,获另类实践(Alternative Practice)硕士学位。他的艺术作品里结合了逻辑,科学的方法和偶然的机遇,在Keith Tyson对环境的有限与无限评估的同时,他对真理的追求吸引了观众。他对假设和定论的表达是建立在概念上的,并在众多的媒介上表达,如素描,油画和雕塑。Tyson曾多次获奖,并成为了著名的特纳奖的第18届获得者。
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Press Release

  • Keith Tyson: Geno Pheno
    PaceWildenstein will present Geno Pheno, a series of new paintings and sculptures by British artist Keith Tyson from October 15 through November 12, 2005 at 534 West 25th Street, New York. The artist will be present at the opening on Friday, October 14 from 6 to 8 p.m. Geno Pheno marks the first major solo show of Tyson’s work in America since 1993 and his first exhibition with PaceWildenstein. A full color catalogue with an essay by Michael Archer, author, lecturer, and professor of Art History and Theory at The Ruskin School of Drawing and Art, Oxford University, accompanies the exhibition. In this new work Tyson explores, through extremely unconventional means, the nature and paradox of causality. Using the genetics terms Genotype (a generative system) and Phenotype (one potential outcome of that genotype), Tyson has created twenty-seven paintings and eighteen sculptures. In the two-panel paintings, Tyson records some generative scheme on the left-hand panel and then generates one possible outcome on the right-hand panel. He has also assigned the system to sculpture, using the “base” as the Genotype and the “sculpture” as the Phenotype. The Geno Pheno works are extremely varied in form and yet the transformative process is readily visible in every case. Examining several of the new works, Michael Archer writes in his essay, “It might be more accurate to say that there are not merely two but three parts to each work. Inevitably, the phenotype as a working out of the genotype’s potential will be understood to reflect back upon the genotype from which it stems, illuminating more fully its fundamental nature.” Keith Tyson, winner of the prestigious Turner Prize in 2002, was recently commissioned by the Hyatt Center in Chicago to create two mural-sized paintings, Up, Down, In, Out, Then and Now, for permanent installation in its two main reception halls. Mayor Richard M. Daley unveiled the vertical, acrylic-on-aluminum panel paintings, each measuring forty feet high by ten feet wide, to the public on July 19th. Born in England in 1969, Tyson initially studied as an engineer apprentice in a submarine shipyard before deciding to enroll in art school at England’s Carlisle College of Art in 1989. Since then, Tyson has exhibited at the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; the Kunsthalle, Zurich; the Venice Biennale, Italy; and the Tate Modern, London. Additional information on Keith Tyson is available upon request by contacting Jennifer Benz Joy, Public Relations Associate, at 212.421.3292 or via email at jjoy@pacewildenstein.com.
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Michael Archer

2005. PaceWildenstein and Haunch of Venison. Paperback

176 pages: 89 color illustrations; 8 ½ x 11 1/8 inches



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