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大卫 霍克尼

Paintings 2006–2009

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About 大卫 霍克尼

大卫·霍克尼(1937年生于英国布拉德福德)创作出于近百年来最易识别的而生动的图像。他壮志雄心的以横跨多媒材发展各种作品,包括从照片拼贴一直到完整规模的歌剧舞台,从传真纸素描到他对于古典名家在艺术史上光学仪器的深入研究。大卫·霍克尼在1962年获得伦敦皇家艺术学院的金牌奖。 1963年,艺术家早于他26岁时已举行了他第一个个展,而到1970年他已在伦敦的Whitechapel Gallery举办了几个大型回顾展之中的第一回,随后并前往其余三个欧洲机构出席展览。霍克尼已在他的职涯中获得了一定数目的荣誉,包括来自世界各地不同机构的9个荣誉学位。霍克尼于2008年加入佩斯。
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Bridlington, an area of undulating landscapes on the northeast coast of Yorkshire, in England, possesses a unique character, the moodiness of its erratic sky and the nearby sea posing a remarkable contrast to its steadfast woodlands and desolate roads. Unlike its southern counterpart, the Cotswolds, it is deserted. If you visit, yours might be the only car on the road for 25 miles around. And Bridlington residents are happy to be isolated. That includes painter David Hockney, the best-known livi

Upon settling in 2005 in East Yorkshire, where he spent his youth, David Hockney left behind his famous Southern California subject matter. Instead, the urbane chronicler of sunny poolsides and West Coast leisure has been painting landscapes, that most British of genres, and making quite a go of it. The display of these works at two PaceWildenstein venues constituted Hockney’s first New York exhibition in over a decade. The shows included large and small oils of woods, felled timber along countr

It seems that David Hockney, the British artist best known for his bright angular genre paintings of Los Angeles bungalows and swimming pools, has gone Impressionist. It’s the artistic equivalent of finding religion later in life, though the shift is fitting in Hockney’s case. The 72-year-old artist has experimented with many styles, genres, and media over the course of his career, and for this latest period, he embraces the color palettes, en plein air tendencies, and loose, wispy brushstrokes



Lawrence Weschler

2009. PaceWildenstein. Paperback

84 pages: 51 color illustrations; 11 ½ x 10 inches



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