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James Turrell: Biographical Documents






Born, 1943, Los Angeles, California



BA Psychology, Pomona College, 1965. Art Graduate Studies, University of California, Irvine, 1965-1966. MA Art, Claremont Graduate School, 1973



Depth Perception: James Turrell, Lévy Gorvy Gallery, New York, June 28–August 18, 2018.


James Turrell: The Substance of Light, Museum Frieder Burda, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, June 9–October 28, 2018. (Catalogue)


James Turrell: It Becomes Your Experience, Musée d’Arts de Nantes, France, June 2–September 2, 2018.


James Turrell, Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Los Angeles, May 24–August 25, 2018.


James Turrell: Ganzfeld “Aural”, Jüdisches Museum, Berlin, April 12, 2018–September 30, 2019.




James Turrell, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, North Adams, opened May 28, 2017.


James Turrell: Immersive Light, Long Museum, Shanghai, January 21–May 5, 2017. (Catalogue)




James Turrell: Light Reignfall, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, May 29, 2016–May 29, 2017.


James Turrell, Pace Prints, New York, May 13–July 29, 2016.


James Turrell: 67 68 69, Pace Gallery, 32 East 57th Street and 534 West 25th Street, New York, May 6–June 18 (extended through July 29), 2016.


James Turrell, Pace Palo Alto, California, April 28–July 30 (extended through August 28), 2016.




James Turrell, Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Los Angeles, November 8, 2015–January 16, 2016.


LightScape: James Turrell at Houghton, Houghton Hall, Norfolk, United Kingdom, June 7–October 24, 2015. (Catalogue)


James Turrell: From the Guggenheim, Aten Reign, Häusler Contemporary, Zurich, May 13–August 15, 2015.




James Turrell: A Retrospective, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, December 13, 2014–June 8, 2015.


James Turrell from the Guggenheim, Hiram Butler Gallery, Houston, September 16–October 1, 2014.


James Turrell: Prints and Process, Pace Prints, New York, September 11–October 18, 2014.


James Turrell: Light Spaces, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, June 7–December 27, 2014.


James Turrell, Pace London, 6 Burlington Gardens, February 7–April 5, 2014.




James Turrell: Tall Glass, Häusler Contemporary, Lustenau, Austria, October 18, 2013–October 2014.


James Turrell: Gard Blue, Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, Lawrence, September 15, 2013–May 18, 2014.


James Turrell, Galerie Almine Rech, Paris, June 1–July 27, 2013.


James Turrell: A Retrospective, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, May 26, 2013–April 6, 2014. Traveled to: Israel Museum, Jerusalem, June 1, 2014–October 18, 2014; National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, December 13, 2014–June 8, 2015. Concurrent with: James Turrell: The Light Inside, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, June 9–September 22, 2013; and James Turrell, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, June 21–September 25, 2013. (Catalogue)


James Turrell: Sooner Than Later, Roden Crater, Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Los Angeles, May 25–July 20, 2013.


James Turrell: Roden Crater and Autonomous Structures, Pace Gallery, 32 East 57th Street, New York, March 14–April 20, 2013.




James Turrell: Trace Elements: Light into Space, Fine Arts Center, Colorado Sprints, July 14–September 30, 2012.


James Turrell: Six Holograms, Hiram Butler Gallery, Houston, July 7–August 11, 2012.




James Turrell: Licht, Körper, Häusler Contemporary, Zurich, November 17, 2011–February 25, 2012.


James Turrell: Present Tense, Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Santa Monica, September 15–December 17, 2011.


James Turrell, Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, Moscow, June 11–August 14 (extended through September 22), 2011.




James Turrell, Gagosian Gallery, London, October 13–December 10, 2010. (Catalogue)


James Turrell, Almine Rech Gallery, Brussels, September 10–December 18, 2010.




James Turrell: The Wolfsburg Project, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, October 24, 2009–April 5 (extended through October 3), 2010. (Catalogue)


James Turrell: Large Holograms, PaceWildenstein, 534 West 25th Street, New York September 10–October 17, 2009.


James Turrell: Autonomous Structures, Griffin Contemporary, Santa Monica, July 25–August 29, 2009.


James Turrell: Land and Light: From Gurfa Caves to Roden Crater, Galleria d'arte moderna, Complesso monumentale di Sant'Anna, Palermo, Italy, July 6–September 6, 2009. (Catalogue)


James Turrell: Geometry of Light, Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst, Unna, Germany, January 31–May 31, 2009. (Catalogue)


James Turrell: The Roden Crater: Sculpture and Photographs, Häusler Contemporary Munich, January 29–March 28, 2009.




James Turrell, Oroom Gallery, Seoul, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul and Musée Shuim, Seoul, October 9–December 18, 2008.


James Turrell, Beyond the Light, Villa and Collection Panza, Varese, Italy, May 16–August 17, 2008.


James Turrell: Light Works 2002–2007, Baldwin Gallery, Aspen, February 15–March 9, 2008.




Geometries of Light: The Roden Crater Project by James Turrell, University IUAV of Venezia, Italy, October 1–November 9, 2007. (Catalogue)


James Turrell at Pomona College, Pomona College Museum of Art, California, September 4, 2007–May 17, 2008.


James Turrell: Orca Blue, Albion Gallery, London, June 5–July 20, 2007.


James Turrell: Light Leadings, PaceWildenstein, 534 West 25th Street, New York, March 23–April 28, 2007.


James Turrell, The Tall Glass, Häusler Contemporary, Zurich, March 3–August 3, 2007.




James Turrell, Musée de Grenoble, France, November 10–December 12, 2006.


James Turrell: A Life in Light, Louise T. Blouin Institute, London, October 13, 2006–February 28, 2007. (Catalogue)


James Turrell: New Work, Griffin, Santa Monica, May 20–August 26, 2006.


James Turrell: Alta White, Musée national d’art moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, March 8–September 25, 2006.




James Turrell, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Underground Gallery, Wakefield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom, November 5, 2005–September 3, 2006 (extended through January 7, 2007). (Catalogue)


James Turrell: Light Projections 1968 and Light Works 2005, PaceWildenstein, 32 East 57th Street, New York, July 14–September 10 (extended through September 24), 2005.


James Turrell: Transformative Space, Alan Koppel Gallery, Chicago, March 25–May 6, 2005.




James Turrell, James Corcoran Gallery, Los Angeles, 2004.


James Turrell, IVAM Institut Valencià d’Art Modern, Spain, December 14, 2004–February 20, 2005. (Catalogue)


James Turrell: Early Light Works, Griffin Contemporary, Santa Monica, November 13, 2004–February 12, 2005.


James Turrell: Projection Works 1967–69, Albion, London, October 14–December 19, 2004. (Catalogue)


James Turrell, Galerie Almine Rech, Paris, September 11–November 6, 2004.


James Turrell: Autonomous Structures, William Griffin Gallery, Santa Monica, January 17–March 13, 2004.




James Turrell: New Holograms, Baldwin Gallery, Aspen, December 26, 2003–January 24, 2004.


James Turrell, PaceWildenstein, 534 West 25th Street, New York, December 2, 2003–January 10, 2004.


James Turrell, Kunsthaus Zug, Switzerland, November 30, 2003–February 29, 2004.


James Turrell: The Light Within, Haines Gallery, San Francisco, September 4–October 25, 2003.


James Turrell: Light and Land, Sonoma County Museum, Santa Rosa, June 21, 2003–January 4, 2004.


James Turrell: Knowing Light, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, March 22, 2003–February 8, 2004.




James Turrell: Into the Light, Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, July 26, 2002–April 30, 2003. (Catalogue)


James Turrell, Michael Hue-Williams Fine Art, London, May 21–June 15, 2002.


James Turrell, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., April 8–September 1, 2002.


James Turrell, Galerie Almine Rech, Paris, March 9–July 27, 2002.




James Turrell, Hausler Kulturemanagement, Munich, December 1, 2001–March 28, 2002.


James Turrell, Haus Konstruktiv, Zurich, September 30, 2001–January 27, 2002.


James Turrell, Harley Baldwin Gallery, Aspen, August 9–September 30, 2001.


James Turrell, Galerie Valentina Moncada, Rome, May 28–July 15, 2001.


James Turrell: Infinite Light, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, February 11–June 3, 2001. (Catalogue)




James Turrell à Paris, Espace Electra, Paris, April 26–August 30, 2000.




James Turrell, Zumtobel Staff, Zurich, November 10–December 31, 1999.


James Turrell: Hi Test, Gallerie Almine Rech, Paris, November 7, 1999–February 25, 2000.


James Turrell: Cross Cut, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, Kansas, November 7, 1999–January 16, 2000. (Catalogue)


James Turrell: Elliptic Ecliptic, Tremenheere, Penzance, Cornwall, United Kingdom, July 1–September 12, 1999. (Catalogue)


James Turrell: Arcus, Newlyn Art Gallery, Newlyn, Penzance, Cornwall, United Kingdom, June 18–August 21, 1999.




James Turrell: The Other Horizon, MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, Vienna, December 2, 1998–March 21, 1999. (Catalogue)


James Turrell: Lapsed Quaker Ware, AD Gallery, New York, November–December 1999.


James Turrell, Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York, October 31–December 23, 1998.


James Turrell, Center for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, October 16, 1998–January 3, 1999. (Catalogue)


James Turrell, Museet for Samtidskunst, Oslo, September 12–November 1, 1998.


James Turrell: Light Work, Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, June 20 1998–January 3, 1999.


James Turrell: Spirit and Light, The Brown Foundation Gallery, Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, June 6–July 26, 1998. (Catalogue)


James Turrell, Michael Hue-Williams Fine Art, London, May 20–June 27, 1998.


James Turrell à Paris, Fondation Électricité de France, Espace Electra, Paris, April 27–July 23, 1998.


James Turrell: Between Blue, Stark Gallery, New York, January 23–February 14, 1998.




James Turrell: Where Does the Light in Our Dreams Come From? The Museum of Modern Art, Urawa, Japan, October 10–December 7, 1997. Traveled to: Nagoya City Museum, January 31–March 29, 1998; Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo, August 13–November 1, 1998. (Catalogue)


James Turrell, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria, July 26–September 6, 1997. (Catalogue)




James Turrell, Stroom, The Hague, September 21, 1996–March 20, 1997. (Catalogue)


James Turrell: ‘Arcus’, 1989 & ‘Porter – Powell’, 1967, Michael Hue-Williams Fine Art, London, June 21–September 5, 1996.




James Turrell, Art Tower Mito, Japan, November 3, 1995–January 28, 1996. (Catalogue)


James Turrell, Städtische Galerie, Goppingen, Germany, September 10–November 12, 1995.


James Turrell, Fia Art Network, Index Gallery, Osaka, September 6–26, 1995.


James Turrell: Red Shift, Galerie Jule Kewenig, Frechen-Bachen, Germany, May 29–August 30, 1995. (Catalogue)


James Turrell, Portside Gallery, Yokohama, March 17–May 17, 1995.


James Turrell: Drawings, Hiram Butler Gallery, Houston, January 13–February 29, 1995.




James Turrell, Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork, Ireland, 1994.


James Turrell, National Sculpture Foundry, Cork, Ireland, 1994.


James Turrell, Aspen Art Center, December 8, 1994–April 9, 1995


James Turrell, Magasin 3, Stockholm, October 1994–April 1995. (Catalogue)


James Turrell: Roden Crater: Realizing a Vision, Lisa Sette Gallery, Phoenix, March 10–April 9, 1994.


James Turrell, Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York, January 29–March 16, 1994.




James Turrell: Drawing from Space, Knoedler & Co., New York, November 6–December 2, 1993.


James Turrell: Gas Works: A Ganzfeld Sphere, Henry Moore Sculpture Trust, Halifax, United Kingdom, October 22–December 20, 1993.


James Turrell, Marian Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, September 17–October 31, 1993.


James Turrell, Butler Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland, July 16–August 14, 1993.


James Turrell: Light Projects from the Sixties, Anthony D’Offay Gallery, London, May 12–June 16, 1993.


Air Mass: James Turrell, Hayward Gallery, London, April 7–June 27, 1993 (Catalogue)


James Turrell, Ace Gallery, Los Angeles, January–May 1993.




James Turrell, Fundación “la Caixa”, Madrid, November 12, 1992–January 10, 1993. (Catalogue)


James Turrell, Fuel Gallery, Seattle, November 5–December 23, 1992.


James Turrell: Works 1967–1992, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, October 9, 1992–January 3, 1993. Traveled to: Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, September 10–October 31, 1993. (Catalogue)


James Turrell: Light/Sky Installation, Claremont/Pitzer Colleges, California, September 16–December 18, 1992.


James Turrell, Weisser Raum, Hamburg, September 25–December 28, 1992.


James Turrell: Perpetual Cells, Belvedere, Royal Gardens of Prague Castle, Prague, September 11–November 22, 1992.


James Turrell, Confort Moderne, Poitiers, France, August 5–October 11, 1992.


James Turrell: Perpetual Cells, Wiener Secession, Vienna, July 8–August 9, 1992.


James Turrell, Fundacio Espai Poblenou, Barcelona, June 1992.


James Turrell: The Irish Sky Garden, Turske Hue-Williams Gallery, London, June 3–August 10, 1992. (Catalogue)


James Turrell, Stroom, The Hague, May 22–June 30, 1992.


James Turrell: Perceptual Cells, Kunstverein Düsseldorf, April 4–June 14, 1992. (Catalogue)


James Turrell, Gallery Cora Holzl, Düsseldorf, March 28–May 19, 1992.


James Turrell, Isy Brachot Gallery, Brussels, January 16–March 28, 1992.


James Turrell, Musée d’Art Contemporain, Lyon, France, January 8–March 8, 1992. (Catalogue)




James Turrell, Indianapolis Museum of Art, 1991.


James Turrell, Turske & Turske, Zurich, November 24, 1991–February 29, 1992.


James Turrell: First Light, Hiram Butler Gallery, Houston, November 17–December 30, 1991.


James Turrell, Carpenter Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, November 1–24, 1991.


James Turrell, Anthony d’Offay Gallery, London, September 4–October 5, 1991.


Museo Guggenheim: Las Últimas Vanguardies: James Turrell: Next Breath Arte Norteamericano 1940–1970, Universidad Internacional Menedez y Pelayo, Santander, Spain, July 31–September 8, 1991.


James Turrell, Centro Cultural Arte Contemperaneo, Mexico City, June 18, 1991–June 28, 1995.


James Turrell, Turske & Turske, Zurich, June 16–November 24, 1991.


James Turrell, Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt, June 6–January 12, 1992.


James Turrell: Heavy Water, Confort Moderne, Poitiers, France, May 28–October 28, 1991.


James Turrell, Change of State, Friedman Guinness Gallery, Frankfurt, April 24–June 29, 1991. (Catalogue)


James Turrell, Lisa Sette Gallery, Scottsdale, April 3–May 4, 1991.


James Turrell, Galerie Froment & Putman, Paris, February 27–April 6, 1991.


James Turrell, Williams College Art Museum, Williamstown, Massachusetts, February 8–June 30, 1991. (Catalogue)


James Turrell: Works from the “Afrum” and “Aperture” Series, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, January 24–April 14, 1991.


James Turrell: First Light and Catso White, Kunstmuseum, Bern, January 8–March 10, 1991. (Catalogue)




James Turrell, La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, 1990


James Turrell: Long Green, Turske & Turske, Zurich, December 9, 1990–March 30, 1991. (Catalogue)


James Turrell, Stuart Regan Gallery, Los Angeles, September 8–29, 1990.


First Light: Twenty Etchings by James Turrell, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, July 26–November 13, 1990. (Catalogue)


James Turrell, Stein-Gladstone Gallery, New York, May–June 1990. (Catalogue)


James Turrell, P.S. 1, Long Island City, New York, April 21–May 1990.


‘Frito, Misto,’ & ‘Pleiades’: Three Installations by James Turrell, Boulder Art Center, Colorado, March 30–June 3, 1990. (Catalogue)


James Turrell, Newport Harbor Art Museum, California, January 21–March 18, 1990.




James Turrell, Ace Gallery, Los Angeles, 1989.


James Turrell, Un peu plus près du ciel, Galerie Froment & Putman, Paris, November 24, 1989–January 12, 1990. (Catalogue)


James Turrell: A la levee du soir, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nîmes, France, July 7–October 1, 1989. (Catalogue)


James Turrell, Security Pacific Gallery, Costa Mesa, California, June 14–December 17, 1989.


James Turrell, Florida State University Gallery and Museum, Tallahassee, March 10–April 16, 1989. (Catalogue)




James Turrell, Coconino Center for the Arts, Flagstaff, November 23–December 9, 1988.


James Turrell, Jean Bernier-Eliades Gallery, Athens, October 6–November 12, 1988.


James Turrell: Roden Crater, Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff, September 23–November 23, 1988. (Catalogue)


James Turrell, Roger Ramsay Gallery, Chicago, April 9–May 14, 1988.




James Turrell: Light and Space, Lannan Museum, Lakeworth, Florida, December 18, 1987–June 30, 1988.


James Turrell, University Art Gallery, University of California, Riverside, September 22–October 21, 1987.


James Turrell, Kunstahalle Basel, May 23–July 5, 1987. (Catalogue)


James Turrell, Phoenix Art Museum, January 30–February 22, 1987.


James Turrell, Yvon Lambert Galerie, Paris, January 10–February 19, 1987.




James Turrell, Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, November 7–December 20, 1986.


James Turrell, Marian Goodman Gallery, New York, October 7–25, 1986.


James Turrell: The Roden Crater Project, University of Arizona Museum of Art, Tucson, September 17–October 12, 1986. (Catalogue)




Occluded Front: James Turrell: Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, November 13, 1985–February 9, 1986. (Catalogue)


James Turrell: Aerial Stereos, Karl Bornstein Gallery, Santa Monica, February 26–March 30, 1985.


James Turrell: Deep Sky (Portfolio of Seven Aquatints), Marian Goodman Gallery, New York, January 11–February 8, 1985. Traveled to: Roger Ramsay Gallery, Chicago, February 16–March 7, 1985.




James Turrell, Bernard Jacobson Gallery, Los Angeles, December 7, 1984–January 5, 1985.


James Turrell: Roden Crater: Drawings from Aerial Survey, Marian Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, September 14–October 5, 1984.


James Turrell: Light Spaces, Capp Street Project, San Francisco, May 15–June 30, 1984. (Catalogue)


James Turrell, Flow Ace Gallery, Los Angeles, February 28–April 14, 1984.




James Turrell: Three Installations, Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, December 19, 1983–January 29, 1984. (Catalogue)


James Turrell: Jida – Space and Light Installation, University of Delaware Art Gallery, Newark, Delaware, November 21, 1983–January 18, 1984. (Catalogue)


James Turrell, Mattress Factory Museum, Pittsburgh, October 29, 1983–February 1, 1984.


James Turrell: Laar – Installation, Flow Ace Gallery, Venice, California, April 8–September 21, 1983.


James Turrell, Batten: An Installation, Hayden Gallery, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, January 21–February 23, 1983. (Catalogue)




James Turrell: Two Spaces, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, September 12 1982–October 31, 1983. (Catalogue)


James Turrell: Four Light Installations, Center for Contemporary Art, Seattle, January 28–July 28, 1982. (Catalogue)




James Turrell, Portland Center for Visual Arts, Oregon, September 19–October 31, 1981.




James Turrell, Leo Castelli Gallery, New York, November 29, 1980–January 15, 1981.


James Turrell: Light and Space, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, October 22–December 31, 1980. (Catalogue)


James Turrell: Iltar – Light Installation, University of Arizona Museum of Art, Tucson, September 4–28, 1980.


James Turrell: AvaarLight Installation, Herron Gallery, Herron School of Art, Indiana University, Indianapolis, May 16–July 3, 1980.




James Turrell, Heiner Friedrich Gallery, Cologne, Summer 1977.




James Turrell: Light Space (Ambient Light), ARCO Center for Visual Art, Los Angeles, November 16–December 24, 1976.


James Turrell: Light Projections and Light Spaces, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, April 10–May 23 (extended to June 27), 1976. (Catalogue)




James Turrell: Light Spaces, Main and Hill Studio, Santa Monica, Summer 1970.




James Turrell: Light Spaces, Main and Hill Studio, Santa Monica, Summer 1969.




James Turrell, Aimery Langois-Meurine, Geneva, 1968.


James Turrell: Light Projections (Xenon Source), Main and Hill Studio, Mendota Hotel, Santa Monica, Summer 1968.




James Turrell: Light Projections, Pasadena Art Museum, California, October 9–November 9, 1967. (Brochure)