Past / 32 East 57th Street


Oct 22, 2014 – Oct 25, 2014

Curated by Chuck Close and Jessica Craig-Martin, FIERCE CREATIVITY is a five-day exhibition benefitting Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ), a non-profit organization that encourages peace and social justice, serving the poorest communities in Haiti with programs in education, healthcare, and dignity through the arts. Featuring works from over 45 leading contemporary artists, including Chuck Close, Joel Shapiro, Kiki Smith, and Zhang Huan, the exhibition will be on view at 32 East 57th Street from October 22 through the 25th. 

Past / 6-10 Lexington Street


Oct 13, 2014 – Nov 15, 2014

Taking its title from the eponymous 2001 poem by John Giorno, THERE WAS A BAD TREE brings together three American artists, all rarely exhibited in the UK. John Giorno’s sound piece plays alongside new work by N. Dash and a collection of Alfred Jensen’s paintings which range in date from 1958 to 1975.

Past / 510 West 25th Street

Wang Guangle

Oct 10, 2014 – Nov 01, 2014

New paintings by the Chinese artist. The restrained, fundamental practice of a non-narrative art in the Terrazzo series has developed into a calm meditation on life, something destined to fade away finally.


Time brings about a perceptible spatial change as the center of the picture subtly expands, the way space twists when an object moves through it at the speed of light. Compared with this formal purity, the title Coffin Paint—its Chinese title translates literally as “lacquer of longevity”—carries serious sentimental and cultural connotations.

Past / Seagram Building

Alexander Calder

Oct 05, 2014 – Nov 12, 2014

Pace will install three of the artist’s monumental sculptures on the plaza of the iconic International Style building in Midtown. The work will be on view from October 5 through November 10, 2014. 

Past / 6 Burlington Gardens

Mario Merz

Sept 26, 2014 – Nov 08, 2014

Pace London, in collaboration with Fondazione Merz, is honoured to present a momentous exhibition of the late Italian artist Mario Merz from 26 September to 8 November 2014 at 6 Burlington Gardens. Featuring works from the 1960s to 2003, this retrospective marks the first major UK gallery staging of the artist’s work in more than twenty years and Pace’s first exhibition of Merz’s work.

Images © Mario Merz by SIAE, Courtesy Fondazione Merz.

Past / 798 Art District, No. 2 Jiuxianqiao Road

Liu Jianhua


Sept 20, 2014 – Nov 25, 2014

Pace Beijing is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Liu Jianhua, Square, from September 20 to November 8. The work shown at the exhibition transforms numerous into briefness, which demonstrates his long-term sense of form and the field of beauty.

Square has been extended through November 25, 2014. 

Past / 15C Entertainment Building

Xie Molin

Sept 19, 2014 – Nov 15, 2014

Xie Molin builds drawing machines that create intricate, organised, abstract paintings. His machine-generated abstract paintings have gained considerable critical and popular attention. By employing his tri-axial linkage painting machine, Xie’s careful and artisanal maneuvering aims at further exploring the potential expressivity of paint on canvas.

Past / 300 El Camino Real

A Brief History of Pace

Sept 18, 2014 – Dec 13, 2014

A survey exhibition including over sixty works by twelve of the artists who have made Pace one of the leading galleries for over half a century. The exhibition marks the extension of Pace’s temporary Menlo Park gallery, located in the former Tesla headquarters, and follows surveys of Alexander Calder and Tara Donovan. A timeline of Pace’s history will provide context to the works on view, chronicling both Pace and art history since the postwar period.

Past / 534 West 25th Street

Fred Wilson

Sculptures, Paintings, and Installations: 2004 - 2014

Sept 12, 2014 – Oct 18, 2014

Since the beginning of his career, Fred Wilson has created a diverse range of work that challenges assumptions of history, culture and race. Pace’s exhibition will feature works from the past ten years, including several that have never before been exhibited.

Past / 32 East 57th Street

Saul Steinberg

100th Anniversary Exhibition

Sept 11, 2014 – Oct 18, 2014

Pace Gallery and Pace/MacGill Gallery are pleased to present an exhibition in honor of the Saul Steinberg’s centennial. The exhibition will be on view on the second and ninth floors at 32 East 57th Street from September 11 through October 18 and was realized with the cooperation of the Saul Steinberg Foundation.

Past / 6-10 Lexington Street

Nathaniel Mary Quinn


Sept 05, 2014 – Oct 04, 2014

Quinn’s vivid, large-scale paper works are an assemblage of facial features which can be read as abstract-figurative works and that deal with the complex construction of identity.

Past / 510 West 25th Street

Paul Graham

Does Yellow Run Forever?

Sept 05, 2014 – Oct 04, 2014

In his most recent series, Graham pushes deeper into an ongoing exploration of the ephemeral and quotidian in the fabric of our lives, combining images of rainbows from Western Ireland, a young woman asleep in different rooms on the far side of the world, and the facades of down-at-heel New York City gold shops, to collectively consider the fleeting things we seek and value in life: love, wealth, happiness, beauty—the metaphorical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Past / 508 West 25th Street

David Hockney

The Arrival of Spring

Sept 05, 2014 – Nov 01, 2014

Pace is honored to present an exhibition of recent iPad prints, charcoal drawings and video by David Hockney, one of the most important and celebrated living artists in the world.


Past / 6 Burlington Gardens

Today's Specials

Jul 31, 2014 – Sept 06, 2014

An exhibition that takes a satirical look at the way society represents, consumes and obsesses over food. The exhibition features Pace artists alongside other guest artists. 

Past / 798 Art District, No. 2 Jiuxianqiao Road

We Love Video This Summer

Jul 26, 2014 – Sept 05, 2014

A summer group exhibition featuring video-based works by Pia Myrvold, Pak Sheung Chuen, Adam Pendleton, Qiu Anxiong, Michal Rovner, Shen Ruijun, Song Dong, teamLab, Tsui Kuang-Yu, Bill Viola, Morgan Wong, and Yuan Goang-Ming.

Past / 15C Entertainment Building

Summer Group Show

Jul 24, 2014 – Sept 04, 2014

Featuring works by Agnes Martin, Alfred Jensen, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Hong Hao, Li Songsong, Liu Jianhua, Robert Irwin, Yin Xiuzhen, and Zhang Huan.

Past / 508 West 25th Street / 510 West 25th Street


Ultra Subjective Space

Jul 17, 2014 – Aug 15, 2014

Pace is proud to present the first-ever exhibition in the United States of teamLab, collaborative digital artists based in Japan. Six digital artworks will be on view. An opening reception will be held Wednesday, July 16 from 6 to 8 PM. 

An e-catalogue for the exhibition is available at and includes video of the works on view, an introduction by art historian Charles Merewether and an interview between teamLab founder, Toshiyuki Inoko, and esteemed art historian and professor at Meiji Gakuin University, Yuji Yamashita.


Past / Straglia Pezzi, 34

Zhang Huan

Pace Chesa Büsin

Jul 14, 2014 – Aug 31, 2014

Zhang Huan is one of the most influential and provocative contemporary artists working today. Spanning the artist’s twenty-year career, the exhibition will feature some of the artist’s most iconic works and emphasize Zhang Huan’s ability to move fluidly between performance, video, photography, work on paper, painting, sculpture and installation.

The exhibition explores the central themes of Buddhism, existentialism and the limits of the human body that have dominated Zhang Huan’s work. It features works created between 1994 and 2014 in Beijing, New York and Shanghai where the artist respectively lived and worked.

Past / 6-10 Lexington Street

Prabhavathi Meppayil

nine seventeen

Jun 26, 2014 – Aug 02, 2014

Abstract work that take inspiration from traditional craft and that value minimalist form, colours and shape.

Past / 6 Burlington Gardens

Adrian Ghenie


Jun 12, 2014 – Jul 26, 2014

New paintings by the Romanian artist.

Past / 300 El Camino Real

Tara Donovan


May 22, 2014 – Aug 23, 2014

Featuring significant works created by the artist over the last 15 years.

Past / 15C Entertainment Building

Zhang Xiaogang

Oil on Paper

May 14, 2014 – Jul 12, 2014

Pace Hong Kong's inaugural exhibition features Zhang Xiaogang's new oil-on-paper works.

Past / 534 West 25th Street

Tara Donovan

May 10, 2014 – Aug 15, 2014

Presenting two new large-scale sculptures comprised from index cards and acrylic rods, respectively. The exhibition is concurrent with Pace Menlo Park's survey exhibition of Tara Donovan's work.

Past / 798 Art District, No. 2 Jiuxianqiao Road

Qiu Xiaofei

Apollo Bangs Dionysus

May 10, 2014 – Jul 09, 2014

Qiu Xiaofei's first solo exhibition at Pace Beijing

Past / 6-10 Lexington Street

Everything falls faster than an anvil

May 09, 2014 – Jun 18, 2014

A group exhibition that explores the influence of the cartoon on contemporary art. Curated by CHEWDAY’S, the exhibition features work from emerging artists; Catharine Ahearn, Alistair Frost, Ella Kruglyanskaya, Tala Madani, Yoan Mudry, Marlie Mul, Oliver Osborne, Torbjørn Rødland and Peter Wächtler, in dialogue with established contemporary art figures such as Carl Ostendarp, Philip Guston and John Wesley, as well as Pace artists Yoshitomo Nara, Claes Oldenburg and Paul Thek.

Past / 508 West 25th Street

Joel Shapiro

Works on Paper 2011 – 2013

May 09, 2014 – Jun 28, 2014

Featuring recent works on paper and small sculptures.

Past / 510 West 25th Street

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Still Life

May 09, 2014 – Jun 28, 2014

Featuring never-before-seen photographs of dioramas recently taken at the American Museum of Natural History.

Past / 32 East 57th Street

Mark Rothko

The Watercolors 1941–1947

May 02, 2014 – Jun 21, 2014

This exhibition features a selection of watercolors made between 1941 and 1947. A catalogue accompanies the exhibition and includes an essay by art historian James Lawrence.

Past / 6 Burlington Gardens

Zhang Huan

Spring Poppy Fields

Apr 25, 2014 – May 31, 2014

Spring Poppy Fields features fourteen vividly coloured, oil on linen paintings that have occupied the artist’s practice between 2011 and 2014. Alluding to Buddhist masks and iconography, the series is inspired by Zhang Huan’s extensive travel to Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and India.

Past / 300 El Camino Real

Alexander Calder

The Art of Invention

Apr 17, 2014 – May 10, 2014

Pace Menlo Park’s inaugural exhibition features monumental stabiles, bronzes, standing and hanging mobiles to colorful gouaches and wearable jewelry. 

Past / 508 West 25th Street

James Franco

New Film Stills

Apr 11, 2014 – May 03, 2014

A public reception was held on Thursday, April 10 from 7 to 9 PM. 

Past / 534 West 25th Street

Adam Pendleton

Apr 04, 2014 – May 03, 2014

An exhibition featuring the artist's newest silkscreens and a multiple, large screen video piece filmed in Oakland, California in 2011 entitled My Education: A Portrait of David Hilliard.

Pace will host a public opening reception at 534 West 25th Street on April 3, 6 - 8 PM. 

Past / 510 West 25th Street

Robert Mangold

Apr 04, 2014 – May 03, 2014

The artist’s fourteenth exhibition at Pace will include paintings created over the past three years.

Past / 798 Art District, No. 2 Jiuxianqiao Road

Xiao Yu


Mar 27, 2014 – Apr 23, 2014

In fact, my work is comprised of two components: opening and fitting together. In this course of events, I try to find the inherent power of the material, the hidden power. If an artwork only has one answer, it is a poison that stirs up public sentiment by false statements. It is brainwashing. It is conspiracy. I create artwork based on one’s practice, sparking the audience to mobilize their prior experiences and advance them into a state of reflection. An artist can be persistently attached to single point. An artist can do useless and foolish things. As time advances, an artist can, on the contrary, genuinely approach wisdom. Even if they integrate a picture and symbol, if there on the spiritual level there is not a consistent awareness, then an artist’s practice can change into vagrancy, drifting with the waves and going with the flow.

Past / 32 East 57th Street

Kenneth Noland

Paintings 1975 – 2003

Mar 21, 2014 – Apr 24, 2014

Pace Gallery is pleased to announce its representation of Kenneth Noland with an exhibition surveying 30 years of painting. 

Past / 6-10 Lexington Street

Liang Yuanwei

The Tension between a Bow and an Elephant

Mar 21, 2014 – Apr 26, 2014

First solo-exhibition at Pace London by the Chinese artist. The oil paintings deepen Liang Yuanwei's formal and conceptual investigations of process and perception. 

Past / 508 West 25th Street

Mingei: Are You Here?

Mar 07, 2014 – Apr 05, 2014

Originally on view at Pace London, Mingei: Are You Here? travels to New York in March 2014. The exhibition explores the legacy of Mingei, a Japanese folk craft movement led by philosopher and critic Sōetsu Yanagi, and features paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and textile works. Curated by Nicolas Trembley, the exhibition juxtaposes historical works from Japanese Mingei artists with modern and contemporary artists inspired by Mingei.

Past / 510 West 25th Street

Kiki Smith


Feb 28, 2014 – Mar 29, 2014

Featuring recent work including sculpture and stained glass. 

Past / 534 West 25th Street

Chuck Close

Nudes 1967 – 2014

Feb 28, 2014 – Mar 29, 2014

A survey of Chuck Close’s Polaroid and daguerreotype nudes and Big Nude (1967), a 10-by-21 foot painting never before publicly exhibited in New York

Past / Straglia Pezzi, 34

Carte Blanche

Feb 20, 2014 – Mar 30, 2014

Pace Gallery is pleased to present Carte Blanche, an exhibition that traces fifty-four years of the gallery’s history. The exhibition marks the first gallery presentation at Chesa Büsin, Straglia Pezzi 34, Zuoz, Switzerland, and continues Pace’s five-decade tradition of exhibitions that explore affinities between artists working across decades and media.

Carte Blanche features works in which white is the dominant shade by artists including: Alexander Calder, Tara Donovan, Robert Irwin, Robert Ryman, Yoshitomo Nara, and Hiroshi Sugimoto and many more.

Past / 32 East 57th Street

Richard Tuttle

Looking for the Map

Feb 07, 2014 – Mar 15, 2014

Pace Gallery will present new studies and drawings created in preparation for the artist's upcoming commission for Tate Modern's renowned Turbine Hall in October 2014. This year will also celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Richard Tuttle's first solo exhibition in New York.  

Past / 6 Burlington Gardens

James Turrell

James Turrell: Recent Works

Feb 07, 2014 – Apr 05, 2014

Turrell is among the most influential artists of the past fifty years and Pace is proud to continue its lifelong commitment to the artist stretching back to 1967. This is the gallery’s sixth exhibition of his work and it follows his unprecedented three concurrent museum exhibitions at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (on view until 6 April 2014), and Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.  

The exhibition will consist of two Tall Glass works and two Wide Glass works in the ground floor and upstairs galleries.

Past / 510 West 25th Street

Keith Sonnier

Elysian Plain + Early Works

Jan 24, 2014 – Feb 22, 2014

Keith Sonnier was part of a group of artists who challenged preconceived notions of sculpture in the late 1960s by experimenting with materials. In 1968, he began creating wall sculptures using incandescent light and sheer fabric before shifting his attention to neon. The linear quality of neon allowed Sonnier to draw in space with light and color while colored light interacted with the surrounding architecture. Elysian Plain + Early Works will present 12 works in neon, featuring the first series created in the artist’s new studio in Bridgehampton. A catalogue with an introduction by art historian Richard Shiff will accompany the exhibition.

Past / 508 West 25th Street

Sol LeWitt

Horizontal Progressions

Jan 24, 2014 – Feb 22, 2014

Widely regarded as one of the most important and influential artists of the last half of the 20th century, Sol LeWitt helped revolutionize the definition of art in the 1960s. Early in his career, the cube became the basic module for his artistic inquiry—“the grammatical device”—from which his work developed. Sol LeWitt used the cube to create structures in a myriad of variations, usually in series, over the course of his more than 40-year career. This winter, Pace will bring together seven structures from 1991 in this rare exhibition of a complete series. 

Past / 534 West 25th Street


Jan 17, 2014 – Feb 22, 2014

Grounded features a dynamic selection of floor-based sculpture by seminal figures in modern and contemporary art. The exhibition will present work from 1967 to 2013 by artists including Carl Andre, John Chamberlain, Tara Donovan, Tom Friedman, Tim Hawkinson, Maya Lin, Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, Lucas Samaras, Joel Shapiro, Kiki Smith, Keith Tyson, and Fred Wilson.

Past / 798 Art District, No. 2 Jiuxianqiao Road

Beijing Voice: Relations

Dec 10, 2013 – Mar 08, 2014

The exhibition will feature, Chen Wei, Hu Xiaoyuan, Lee Tzu-hsun, Liu Ye, Qiu Xiaofei, Song Dong, Sui Jianguo, Xiao Yu, Wei Qimei and Zhang Xiaogang. They will present artworks highlighting all kinds of relationships and "non-relationships" of accidental pullulating and organic forms of contemporary Chinese culture.

Past / 6 Burlington Gardens

Kevin Francis Gray

Nov 20, 2013 – Jan 18, 2014

The first exhibition of Kevin Francis Gray’s work at Pace London. The new sculptures aim to transcend the natural and the material in both form and subject matter seeking to render a physical perfection that is not reached in the temporal world.



Past / 508 West 25th Street / 510 West 25th Street / 534 West 25th Street

Raqib Shaw

Paradise Lost

Nov 08, 2013 – Jan 11, 2014

Pace presents the first exhibition of Indian-born, London-based artist Raqib Shaw. Known for his opulent paintings and sculptures, Shaw creates shimmering, jewel-like surfaces, which often use dark images drawn from ancient myths from both Eastern and Western tradition. Featuring new paintings and sculptures, the show will span all three of Pace’s galleries on 25th Street.

Past / 32 East 57th Street

Ilya & Emilia Kabakov

Nov 02, 2013 – Jan 23, 2014

Pace’s first exhibition of Ilya and Emilia Kabakov will feature seven paintings from several recent series as well as a single installation. This exhibition is part of a constellation of events throughout New York City this fall season. In addition to Pace's presentation, the artists celebrated the launch of the eighth edition of their conceptual installation, The Ship of Tolerance, as part of The Dumbo Arts Festival earlier this fall. The artists will also be the subject of a new documentary film, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: Enter Here, to premiere in the US at Film Forum this November.

Past / 6-10 Lexington Street

Mingei: Are You Here?

Oct 15, 2013 – Jan 18, 2014

Pace London's first group exhibition exploring the legacy of Mingei, a Japanese folk craft movement led by philosopher and critic Sōetsu Yanagi, and featuring  paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and textile works.  Curated by Nicolas Trembley, the exhibition juxtaposes historical works from Japanese Mingei artists with modern and contemporary artists inspired by Mingei.